Andreea Ivanov – Massage Therapist

andreeaOriginally from Romania, Andreea arrived in London in 2012. Both her parents played sports, so she has been around the sporting environment ever since she was a child. Later on, playing volleyball herself, she gained an understanding that it is important to see the body as a whole – both in training and rehabilitation.

All this experience in the sporting field, led Andreea to pursue a career as a Physiotherapist. During her university years in Romania, she spent her summers in America observing and volunteering at different rehabilitation centres and private practices to get more experience, and learn about different approaches in rehabilitation.

Over the years in practice, Andreea’s true passion became soft-tissue work. In order to offer tailored treatments to each individual, she gained an ITEC Level 4 Sports Massage Certificate at St. Mary’s University in London.

She has trained with leading therapists – such as John Gibbons at the Oxford University, and Sharon Wheeler – a notable therapist who trained with Ida Rolf (the founder of Structural Integration – known as Rolfing). Sharon has developed her own bone-work and scar-work techniques, which she shared with Andreea.

Prof. Hildegard Wittlinger introduced her to the specialist Manual Lymphatic Drainage Vodder Technique, having herself worked closely with its founder, Dr. Vodder.  The technique is used for a variety of conditions including lymphedema.

During her sessions, Andreea provides a comprehensive treatment, often working on more than one area. She also likes to give a little ‘homework’ to her clients, to speed up results and ensure long lasting benefits.