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Adriana Gotowiecka - Clinical Pilates - Deep Tissue Massage - Putney

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Clinical Pilates Background

I qualified as Studio & Rehabilitation Pilates Instructor in 2014 with POLESTAR UK, London. The Polestar Pilates curriculum has earned the reputation worldwide as the most outstanding Pilates curriculum, setting one of the highest standards in Pilates-education-world.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, I concentrated on broadening my knowledge and I enrolled at HARVARD Medical School external study. I completed: ‘Back Pain: finding solutions for your aching back’ as well as ‘Knees and Hips’ and ‘Cognitive Function’ courses which gave me the wider awareness on the issues.

I have a dynamic and proactive approach to work with clients. I strive to teach how to re-align your body and strengthen the core without having to think about it, making it fun, so that it becomes a natural process within your everyday life. I like to give my clients a workout which would make them feel a positive change in their body, alignment, breathing and movement.

Being an ex-Pro Athlete (Flat Water Sprint Kayaker) I can bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to any sporting and non-sporting individual helping them with their issues, injuries to achieve any goals.  In 2011, I become a C.H.E.K Golf Performance & Biomechanics Conditioner Coach to be able to work with golfers and Pro Golfers. I also hold WAKO GB Blue Belt in Kickboxing, which I use combined with my Pilates-Fitness clients.

I have been working with Physio4Life since 2008, firstly as Sport Masseur and from 2016 as a Pilates Teacher.

Come to see me for some body movement and stress reduction that can significantly improve your health and bust the endorphins and dopamine, your body natural immune shield!  Healthy Body, Healthy Mind. J

Pilates Expertise

  • Studio Cadillac / Reformer Conditioning, Toning
  • Neck / Shoulder / Back / Hip / Knee / Ankle pain – mobility enhancement
  • Injuries Rehabilitation
  • CHEK Golf Sports Specific Conditioning (Tennis too as it is a rotational sport)
  • Mat Workout
  • Improving Daily Function

Massage at Physio4life.

I qualified in 2007 from London Premier Training International as Sports Therapist & Fitness Instructor. I specialise in sports massage and injuries rehabilitation to help relief everyday aches and pains, particularly in the back, shoulder and neck area. I like to use forearms, knuckles, elbow stripping techniques to go deep into the muscles and release tension and stiffness. I Love to laugh, I can often be heard laughing with clients while helping relieve stress, ease pain and create better flexibility through passive stretching… I am not afraid to go deep if that’s what you need!  As Ex-Pro Athlete (Sprint Kayaker), I have a dynamic and proactive approach to work with clients. I come from a sporting background; my mother was a Poland’s national gold medallist in Basketball.

I hold WAKO GB Blue Belt in Kickboxing, which I use at Physio4Life with my Pilates clients to incorporate in their fitness program. In 2014, I qualified as a Polestar Studio & Rehabilitation Pilates Instructor, I teach here Pilates few days a week.

@Physio4Life I currently only work as a cover-masseur.